Something stirs in the Forest of Broken Trolls…

Despite all his skill in healing and runecraft, God-Speaker Alvir Einarson could not save everyone.

In the wake of failure, he seeks aid from an old mentor and witnesses a wave of darkness sweep over the land that, for a single moment, extinguishes all magic.

In the capital, he discovers a fellow god-speaker is missing and the streets swarming with Windborn – resurrected warriors gifted with supernatural powers by the gods’ enemies.

Answers await in the Forest of Broken Trolls, but within its sinister depths even the gods’ protection may not be enough, and no more so than now, when the gods’ strength may be fading and dark powers are on the rise.

One thing is Alvir Einarson would rather die than let the gods fall.

Trollgrave is a standalone Norse fantasy filled with fanatical outlaws, strange magic, and vicious monsters.
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Praise for Trollgrave:

“The best stories are ones that stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. Trollgrave is like that. It is a real page-turner, exciting, unpredictable and filled with tension from the start.”
 — Phil Parker, for SFF Insiders and fantasy author.

Trollgrave is an intriguing smorgasbord of one mystery after another, played out under the canopy of a dark and mysterious forest where you get the feeling that anything unexpected could happen. A highly enjoyable novel that is hard to put down with a finale that will get your heart racing!”
 — Sue Bavey, Sue’s Musings