Here’s a list of places you can try and get your stories published, it’s a list I use myself, although no luck for me yet!

Abyss & Apex – Speculative Fiction (Guidelines)

Albedo – Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (Guidelines)

Analog – Science Fiction (Guidelines)

Apex Magazine – Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (Submission Guidelines)

Asimov’s – Science Fiction (Writer’s Guidelines)

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – Fantasy (Guidelines)

Clarkesworld – Science Fiction and Fantasy (Guidelines)

Daily Science Fiction – Science Fiction (Guidelines)

Drastic Tales – Speculative Fiction (Guidelines)

Escape Pod – Science Fiction (Guidelines)

Fantasy Scroll Mag – Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (Guidelines)

Grimdark Magazine – Fantasy (Guidelines)

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly – Fantasy (Guidelines)

Holdfast – Speculative Fiction (Guidelines)

Ideomancer – Speculative Fiction (Guidelines)

InterGalactic Medicine Show – Science Fiction and Fantasy (Guidelines)

Lightspeed – Science Fiction and Fantasy (Guidelines)

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction– Science Fiction and Fantasy (Guidelines)

On Spec – Science Fiction and Fantasy (Guidelines)

Pantheon Magazine – Fiction with prompts based on Greek gods (Open Prompts, Guidelines)

Plasma Frequency – Speculative Fiction (Guidelines)

PodCastle – Fantasy (Guidelines)

Pseudopod – Horror (Guidelines)

Shimmer – Speculative Fiction (Guidelines)

Strange Horizons – Speculative Fiction (General Fiction Guidelines)

Triptych Tales – Science Fiction and Fantasy (Guidelines)

Uncanny – Speculative Fiction (Guidelines)