An Update!

Hello everyone,

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a proper update, but let me assure you I’ve been busy nonetheless!

As well as trying to survive what 2020 has been throwing at us, I’ve been hard at work editing Windborn. It’s now been through several read-through edits by me, been out to beta readers, and finally just come back from a professional editor (the wonderful Sarah Chorn) with lots of scribbles and comments. The comments have been both hilarious and humbling.

A dog-eared copy of Windborn that I read through to edit.
The copy of Windborn that I went through with my editing pencil!

Now I need to go back through the book looking through the editor’s comments and making all the necessary changes there. Hopefully this will be a faster process than when I first went through it on my own!

I’m also talking to a cover designer and cover illustrator and even though the cover is in its super early stages I am very excited about it. It’s utterly surreal and exhilarating to be at this stage and see the book starting to take shape. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

And, I have also set up a mailing list! I’ll be sending out monthly updates on it as well as sharing what I’ve been up to, recommendations and things that I think are just plain cool.

If you’d like to sign up then you can head over here:

That’s it for now!

Until next time: be well, be kind, and have fun!

Translate me once, shame on you; translate me twice, shame on me? – Amusing translation of book blurbs

Mark Lawrence recently pointed out that the website has for some reason been putting up book blurbs that look to have been put through Google translate more than once… Sure we can understand them but they’re not quite what they should be… I’ve had a look through and picked some to show you:

Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

While he was eight, he viewed as sibling and his mom were murdered before him. At thirteen, he brought a group of thugs. By fifteen, he expects to become king… It’s period for King Honorous Jorg Ancrath to come back towards the fortress he switched his back on, to consider what’s truly his. Because the evening he viewed Count Renar’s males slaughter his mom and youthful sibling and put pinned about the thorns of a patch, Jorg continues to be pushed to vent his trend. Death and life aren’t any greater than a sport to him—and he’s left to get rid of. But he is awaited by treachery in his fortress that is father’s. Treachery and secret that is black. Regardless of how intense his will, can opponents be conquered by one child beyond his imagining with energy?

The Skull Throne by Peter V Brett

the very first three books in Peter V. Brett’s innovative Devil Period series—The The Leave Spear Warded Guy, and Also The Sunshine War—set a standard for daring dream. Humans’ effective tale winnowed by evening towards the edge of termination – the heirs who fight, and also harassment devils, has stored because the websites excitedly switched visitors speechless. Today The Head Throne, the fascinating next quantity, increases the levels because it bears the motion in surprising new instructions. The Head Throne of Krasia stands vacant. Constructed in the skulls of decreased generals and demon princes, it’s a chair of recognition and historic, effective miracle, maintaining the devil corelings away. From atop the throne Jardir was designed to overcome the globe that was recognized, forging its individuals that were remote right into a single military to increase up and finish the devil battle for all as well as once. But Arlen Bales, the Warded Guy, endured from this program, demanding Jardir to some duel he couldn’t in recognition decline. In the place of danger beat, they were cast by Arlen equally from the precipice, departing the planet with no savior, and starting challenging for sequence that intends to rip Thesa’s Free Towns aside.

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

An orphan’s existence is harsh—and frequently short—in the mystical area town of Camorr. But Lamora that is youthful dodges captivity and death, being a crook underneath the tutelage of the con-artist that is talented. As chief of light’s group -fingered siblings referred to as the Guy Bastards, Locke is quickly notorious, kidding actually the many feared leader that is underworld’s. However in the shadows hides lethal and somebody still more formidable. Confronted with a soft coup that intends to ruin everything and everybody that retains meaning in his existence that is mercenary, Locke vows to defeat the adversary at their own game—or that is raw die trying.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

Time’s Wheel come and Ages converts and proceed, departing recollections that become tale. Story ends to fantasy, as well as myth is long-forgotten once the Era that offered delivery to it results again. Within the Next Era, an Era of Prediction, Period and the Planet themselves hold within the stability. That which was, what’s, and what’ll be, might however come under the Darkness.