I’ve been a bit quiet on here these past few weeks.
Part of that is that I released the anthology and took a bit of a break and then part of it is that, as part of my reviewing duties for the British Fantasy Society, I volunteered to review a few rush jobs: Becoming David by Phil Slomen, Birthright (Book One of the Technomage Archive trilogy) by B.J. Keeton and then the following two books in the trilogy which aren’t up on the website yet.

In terms of my own projects that pretty much ate up most of my time!

But I’m back and ready now! I’ve been having some great fun writing up a story for the current /r/FantasyWriters Monthly Challenge¬†which I hope everyone will enjoy as well.

And I’ve been planning some works as well as writing a short story and really getting into the development of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to share it soon, at least with some people to critique it; it’ll be good to get stuff out there again.


So now I’m back and ready to jump back into ROW80! There’s still 31 days to go so even though I’ve taken a break that’s still loads of time to do quite a bit of writing!

Quiet on the Blogging Front

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