Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope you all had a good festive period and a good 2016, despite all the turmoil that went on and all the wonderful people that passed on.


As ever, the move into the new year means that it’s a good opportunity to rectify the barreness of the blog and make an update for the year’s work and what work I hope to achieve in the coming year.

For my own part my 2016 was fairly uneventful but I think as I was soldiering on with my own writing and I’ve moved to another publishing house for my day job and Champions was finally published and made freely available.

Writing wise I finished a very rough draft of my viking-esque revenge story which is tentatively entitled The Wind Borne King which I am looking forward to beefing up and getting out to people this year.


For 2017 I am hoping I can ramp up the productivity and get another book done as well as finishing The Wind Borne King and at least one short story a month. I’d like to start getting detailed feedback on my writing so with all that available for people to read/rip apart I should be able to do that.

Regarding any other work I am making plans to see whether starting a small press will be feasible or not. I would like to do some more publishing but if I were to do another anthology like Champions then I would want to make sure the contributors are paid something for their work to be used and I also think that making a small press would be a good opportunity to get some older works out there by female writers, like Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman; New Amazonia by Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett; or Mizora by Mary E Bradley Lane.

But of course all this will require time and money to do it properly and do it justice, so we’ll see how much I’ve got left!


And reading wise I’ve upped my Goodreads challenge to 70 books this year. I managed to read 66 books last year so I’m hoping that it shouldn’t be too bad as I want to read a wider range of books this year including non-fiction and poetry which tend to be a tad smaller than fantasy tomes!


That’s my brief update for the end of the year and plans for the coming year!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful year and here’s to it being the best one yet!

End of 2016 and the Beginning of 2017

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