The time for celebration has come!

I have made my way through Windborn with the edits so it is now (he says with some trepidation) ready for beta readers!

The editing took me longer than I thought and the draft has topped out at just over 200,000 words. Much more than I thought this was going to be when I started the project, but I feel moderately confident that there’s no too much fluff that needs cutting so I will wait to see what the beta readers think!

As a side note; the first time I wrote this story (way back in 2016, wow) it barely came to 50,000 words. The story is definitely deeper than it was so here’s hoping that it’s also better!

It feels strange to have Windborn out there after more than a year of working on it on my own. It’s reached a strange event horizon where I’m confident enough in the story that I’m happy to show people, but it’s also pushed the ‘what if it’s terrible?’ question to the forefront of my mind. But there’s only one (terrifying) to find out!

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have for this update. Windborn is done and out there in the world

Windborn is ready for beta readers!
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