Champions is finally out!

After much toiling and scraping and typing and re-formatting (okay it was mostly the second two) the Champions anthology is released!

For those who don’t know it’s an anthology of winning fantasy stories from the Fantasy Writers forum on reddit, it’s got over thirty stories in it and is completely free!

You can check it out in its various places:

Smashwords, where you can get it in pretty much every format – epub, mobi, txt, PDF, etc

Amazon (if it isn’t free on here please report a lower price and use the Smashwords link)

And if you head over to the Anthology page I’ve also put together a couple of PDFs for A4 and A5 sizes just in case that’s how you like to read things!

I hope that you enjoy the anthology!

Champions: Anthology Cover

Hello everyone,

I said you needed to keep an eye out for some anthology news and I’m excited to say that this is it!

The cover is now almost at its final version, I just need to make sure whether any¬†minor tweaks to the alignment of the titles, subtitles, and things like that are needed but otherwise it’s good to go!

For the anthology itself I’m just doing some minor formatting and trying to keep it all looking dandy which will take a couple of weeks (just with some other things that I have going on at the moment).

Then it’s publication time!

So, without further ado, here’s the cover for the anthology!



I’d love to know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions to make it better!

That’s it for now but have a great day everyone!