Today I’m excited to announce a project that I’ve had in mind for a while now but has finally started gaining traction and making some positive ground!

The /r/FantasyWriters Winners Anthology!

I’ll be taking some of the winning entries in the monthly contests and putting them together into a free eBook so that everyone can enjoy them!

At the moment I am rounding up all the relevant information and checking in to see which authors wish to be included. I’ve now had enough positive responses that I feel comfortable that even if everyone else says no the anthology would be big enough to stand on its own merit.

The working title at the moment is:

Champions: An Anthology of /r/FantasyWriter Challenge Winners

I’m also open to other suggestions for titles for the anthology and looking at potential artwork for the cover so if you have any suggestions for either of those please get in touch and watch this space for news and cover mock ups too!

/r/FantasyWriters Challenge Winners Anthology Announcement!

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